Professional Code of Standards

The Chartered Wealth Manager Institute recognizes the responsibility of financial professionals to foster high ethical standards in our profession. The CWMI does hereby adopt the following CODE OF ETHICS and PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS to provide direction in attaining high principles of truth, justice, zeal and good faith dealings.

  1. A CWM should act honestly, fairly, and in the best interests of its clients and the integrity of the market.
  2. A CWM should continue to update himself/herself to employ effectively the resources and procedures which are needed for the proper performance of its business activities.
  3. Conflicts of interest must always be avoided by a CWM, and when they cannot be avoided, should ensure that its clients are fairly treated.
  4. A CWM should comply with all regulatory requirements in her/his market.
  5. To continue building the knowledge base of our professional community through study, collaboration and continuing education.
  6. To work with universities, colleges, and academic groups in improving financial standards, and the practical financial education of individuals.
  7. To build confidence and the trust of the public and our employers using diligence, honesty, cooperation and confidentiality.
  8. To provide occasional pro-bono assistance to disadvantaged persons who may seek insight and advice in the financial and related fields where we are qualified to do so.
  9. To reduce waste, improve efficiency and protect the environment through the effective use of natural resources without causing more harm than good.