CPD Requirements

Continuing professional development (“CPD”) is a systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of relevant knowledge and skills to enable a professional wealth manager to successfully carry out his or her professional duties and responsibilities throughout his or her career.

A Chartered Wealth Manager must accumulate 10CPD accreditation points in each CPD practice year, where a CPD practice year is a period of 12 months ending on 31 December each year.

The CPD Scheme has been designed to be as flexible as possible so that the relevant number of CPD points may be acquired in a time conscious and cost effective manner. The Institute has taken into consideration the need for busy wealth managers to have a variety of means by which they can comply with CPD requirements by permitting and encouraging a variety of methods of learning. The following activities are eligible for CPD points:

  1. Attendance at wealth management related courses: 1 hour for 1 CPD point;
  2. Writing articles published in either electronic or printed formats: 400 words for 1 CPD point;
  3. Long distance learning courses: 1 hour for 1 CPD point;
  4. Presentation of any wealth management courses/seminars: 1 hour for 2 CPD points

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