Wealth Manager of the Year

The Wealth Manager of the Year Awards recognise the very best of wealth management professionals in the region. Our aim is to identify and appreciate the best wealth managers available to investors in the region. Members who have achieved Chartered Wealth Manager status are now recognised as achieving the gold standard for the wealth management and demonstrate a commitment to professionalism.

The awards are made to raising professional standards through its rigorous selection process. The winner will have demonstrated superior ability across a broad range of professional skills and an extraordinary commitment to the advancement of their profession.

Being the winner of the Wealth Manager of the Year Award will be a truly unique achievement and undoubtedly represent the ultimate endorsement of excellence and professional achievement.

The winner will be presented with:

  • A personalized trophy
  • A 5-year free membership to CWMI
  • A 1-page interview on one of the leading financial media


The Wealth Manager of the Year award is open to individuals who:

  • Are qualified Chartered Wealth Managers;
  • Are currently practising as wealth managers/ financial advisers / private bankers;
  • Are nominated by 2 active members of CWMI and 2 clients;
  • Submit their application between 1st-10th of September of each year

Selection process

The judging process is designed to enable you to demonstrate the wide range of skills necessary to give clients accurate, clear, effective and highly professional financial advice, and be able to represent your profession.

  1. Applicants are invited to write an article, in no more than 500 words, why they are passionate about their professionalism and why they think they should receive the Wealth Manager of the Year, which must be supported by an example case happened within the calendar year. It has to be submitted by 31st September.

  2. The shortlisted applicants will be invited to a panel interview in mid October where judges will question them on a range of subjects to gain a better understanding of their skills, services standards as well as professionalism. The panel will be made up of five industry leaders including 2 members from the standards of board of CWMI.

Result will be announced in the first week of November, while the interview will be published in the first week of December.