American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM)

The American Academy of Financial Management™ is a worldwide Board of Standards and financial professional organization, with members in 150+ countries offering our exclusive certified designations, charters, and masters certification to candidates who meet the high standards.

As for recognized training, AAFM Board of Standards approves and recognizes top 560+ accredited business schools, law schools and programs around the world. AAFM offers several industries recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals.

AAFM Board Certification and Designations: are certification credential marks for Wealth Managers, Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, Accountants etc. and Degree holding Financial Planners conferred by the American Academy Board of Standards. To receive authorization or accreditation to use AAFM Board Certification and Designations, the candidate must meet education, degree, examination, experience, continuing education, and ethics requirements, and pay good standing or certification fees.